Faith Hounds

Faith Hounds

A Relentless Pursuit

William N. Mitchell


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We are all in pursuit of something. Faith Hounds: A Relentless Pursuit shows what we should pursue and, even more, how to get it. The number one issue people seem to have with the concept of faith is that they think it is ineffective. The common phrase is, "Well I tried to believe, but it did not work." By using biblically backed truths, this book goes into detail on what God says about pursing him and his promises, walking the reader through the process of when they first set their hearts to ask God for something until it finally shows in their life, while also addressing the possible hindrances that could be stopping them from seeing their answer. If you or someone you know is tired of seeing nothing come from praying or has completely abandoned the concept of God and faith, give this book a read. It will change your world and set a fire in your belly to be a relentless faith hound and pursue everything the Lord has for you.


William N. Mitchell:
William N. Mitchell is the father of two beautiful girls and husband to a gorgeous wife. He and his family reside in Amarillo, Texas. This is Mitchell’s second published work. He has a degree in advertising and public relations from West Texas A&M University and also teaches Bible studies out of his home and at local youth facilities. Mitchell is an avid outdoorsman, golfer, and former collegiate basketball player.