A History of Nyasaland and Malawi Football

A History of Nyasaland and Malawi Football

Volume 1 1935 to 1969

Mario Antoine


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Mario Antoine explores the origin and development of football in Malawi, previously known as Nyasland, in this book. Little is known about the humble beginnings of Malawi football and how two separate associations for Europeans and Africans drove its development. With other countries such as South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, and Mauritius also having separate associations, this was not uncommon. The author highlights how the British, who travelled overseas to work and as missionaries, played a critical role in introducing football to Nyasland and other countries. After the British colony attained independence in 1964 and changed its name to Malawi, the sport continued to grow in popularity. As the years went by, apart from selected matches, games were played on a regular basis among Southern Region clubs, which formed the Indian Sport Club in 1920, followed by the Goans Club in 1928. Some of the families that pioneered the formation of the European association known as Nyasaland Football Association still grace the shores of this land today.


Mario Antoine:
Born and bred in Malawi, Mario served as a Board Member of Malawi National Council of Sports, Board Member for Malawi’s top flight league giants Silver Strikers from 2006 to 2008, Team Manager for the Malawi National Snooker Team held in Mauritius in 1994, Hockey Malawi Vice President from 1998 to 2008 and Team Manager for Malawi National Hockey Team in 1999 at the All Africa Games in Johannesburg, South Africa.