Hold’Em Ranges & Math

Hold’Em Ranges & Math

No Limit Hold’Em Hand Ranges, with Mathematical Strategies, to Help You Make Better Decisions at Any Poker Table

Ryan Sleeper


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Hold’em Ranges and Math is the crucial book to have to make better decisions against today’s best players. In the early days of poker, players relied on catching cards and playing ABC poker. As time passed, players became more aggressive, bluffing was artistically being created, and decisions were made based on incomplete factors. The more recent “old school” of poker, players were even more aggressive, bluffing was more common, and everyone was putting their opponents on a few hands to assure they are making the right decision for instant success. But poker today is filled with very loose and aggressive players who do not rely on catching cards but rely on math and poker ranges. Today’s player will put their opponent on a range of hands and the math behind that to help them make the correct decision based on how they play those certain hands in different situations, and the action that took place during the hand, for long-term success. In Hold’em Ranges and Math, you will learn what hand ranges to play, with mathematical strategies, to help you make those same successful decisions.


Ryan Sleeper:
Ryan Sleeper has been a successful No Limit Hold’em player for over 15 years, with positive results at local live cash games, tournaments, and the WSOP.