Infobody Theory and Infobody Model

Infobody Theory and Infobody Model

Yuhu Che


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This book presents a new concept: infobody.

It contains four chapters:

Chapter 1: Infobody Overview

This chapter talks about the new concept—infobody and all related concepts and definitions. It also gives a summary for each following chapter and potential applications and research topics.

Chapter 2: Infobody Charting

This chapter talks about infobody charting with detailed steps and illustrations. Infobody charting is actually a visualization of the infobody model described in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Infobody Model in Terms of Graph Theory

This chapter talks about the infobody model in terms of graph theory. It gives detailed mathematical definitions and descriptions.

Chapter 4: Chaos and Entropy in Infobody Structures

This chapter talks about the chaos and entropy in infobody structures and gives detailed definitions and mathematical formulas.

The author would like to discuss the infobody topics with anyone who is interested in it, such as university professors and students, managers and employees in any business industries and government agencies. His dedicated email address for this topic is