Between the Devil and the Dark

Between the Devil and the Dark

Brandon Hill, Terrence Pegasus


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A New Captain. An Untested Crew. Will Fortune Favor the Reckless?
Xerxes "Xerx" Paraska is a champion in the G1 Leagues. Enjoying the sweet life with his wife Neela and trusted crew, he crushes his opponents’ mechanized warriors in stadium after stadium.
But during a shakedown run for his newly bequeathed warship, the Reckless, bad luck strikes. Xerx's slightly dysfunctional found family is faced with a mysterious intruder and potentially deadly hazards of flying an untested vessel.
Will the neophyte captain and his crew survive to fight in the arenas another day or will they succumb to the wild and unforgiving blackness of space?


Brandon Hill:
Brandon Hill is a native of Louisiana and an avid and frequent reader of science fiction and fantasy, who began writing in the eleventh grade. Of himself, he says, "I am a 'classic nerd' and prolific writer who has had dreams of authorship since childhood. I sketch perhaps even more prolifically than I write, and have drawings of just about every character my warped imagination has come up with. I hope to continue sharing these ideas, characters, and stories with others for years to come."|||