It will have happened to you too

It will have happened to you too

Dario Sieve


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It will have happened to you too by Dario Sieve
Man is the terrestrial creature who with intelligence has been able to conquer dominance over the other animals on the planet. It is a pity that if you read carefully some repetitive situations of mass sociology it seems that it is precisely intelligence that is.
It will have happened to you too
It will have happened to you too to live experiences that seem surreal, so much so that you pinch yourself to prove that you are not dreaming, only to discover that it gives us everyday life, in the family, at work, during the hours of leisure and there is nothing fantastic. Dario Sieve, BNI Executive Director for Padua and Rovigo, helps to better understand his current role, invites readers to reflect and provides useful professional advice, making it clear that solutions are often well within their reach and that with sufficient willpower it is possible to reach (almost) every goal.


Dario Sieve:
Dario Sieve is a businessman who gives us advice on how to achieve success in our life. His experiences are shared so that we too may have such success in whatever we set out to do. He tells us about his life with Culture and Humor, but also seriously.