Beyond The Lakes

Beyond The Lakes

The Saga of The Lakes Vol.IV

Juani Hernández


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Infinity Award 2016 to the BEST MEDIEVAL NOVEL.
Book 4 of 4 - Saga Finished
Two years have passed since King Nicholas defeated Hrodgar and the Häe; two years since the Alliance was forged between all the kingdoms that united in the fight for their freedom.
However, a threat, which has lain dormant for thirty years, will resurface with force and fall upon them relentlessly, jeopardizing everything they have fought for.
Khawf of Väkh, known as the Tyrant King for being cruel and bloodthirsty, will launch a personal vendetta against King Trystan of Meissen to take from him what he loves most and destroy his entire world, in a war that will test love, loyalty and that Alliance that seemed indestructible.
"Beyond the Lakes", a fast-paced novel where love and passion, revenge and betrayal will keep a pulse to death.
Will the good triumph in this last conspiracy?


Juani Hernández:
I'm Juani Hernández and I was born in Valencia in 1976. I finished my degree in Superior Architecture at the UPV, although I define myself as an architect by profession and a writer by devotion. With 14 novels to my credit, I have taken my first steps into epic fantasy, historical romance and contemporary, as a self-publisher and through publishing houses: HQÑ and Khabox Editorial. My latest work is the Apocalypse Trilogy, with a romantic paranormal style. With the first installment, "Genesis: The Book of Phlàigh", I was nominated for the next Ignotus 2019 awards, organized by the AEFCFT.