Cry Baby

Cry Baby

Lisa Marie Cochrane


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Colette, affectionately or otherwise known as Teeny (Teeny Bash) to most, battles with her sense of worth and identity in the small village she grew up in. Spending most her time working in the local pub, she falls in love with an older man and begins to hope for a more adventurous life for herself. This idea quickly fades into a tense, controlling and abusive relationship which inevitably rocks Teeny’s mental health. Simultaneously, she is haunted by disturbing memories from her childhood which ebb and flow into her conscious and subconscious on a regular basis, forcing her to look directly into the past and towards these traumatic events. Her growth and journey between her 20th and 21st birthdays proves to be one of the most crucial and painful periods of her life.


Lisa Marie Cochrane:
Lisa Marie Cochrane is a new author who explored her love of writing during the early phase of the Covid lockdown. Embellished diary entries soon became chapters which soon became a story. Her Scottish voice can be heard and echoed in the book itself. She lives outside Falkirk with her family and loves exploring her hometown and all its gems.