A Bite-Sized Pirate

A Bite-Sized Pirate

K S D'arcy


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Have you ever wondered if the pirates in your dreams,
Are really all that big? Really all that mean?
What if there was a secret? A passcode you could roar,
That would shrink these scary scallywags, till they were feared no more!
“Yo ho, climb aboard, me hearties, as we set sail and discover the decades-old secret that will keep you safe from the one-eyed pirates who sail the open seas as you sleep.
For, the passcode be yours to find, the passcode be yours to keep!”


K S D'arcy:
Growing up wild and free on the sandy shores of Western Australia, K S D’arcy has always had a fond love for writing and poetry. “I have always loved to write. I use this natural-born talent to channel the emotions and energy around me, to touch, communicate, inspire, and to breathe life into simple, yet delicately chosen words.”
A free-spirited artist, with a passion for life, K S D’arcy is an intuitive writer who strongly feels the need to inspire depth, emotion and strength within her writing. A gift she now uses to gently touch the lives and hearts of many children all around the world: children who she hopes will feel loved and inspired to make this world a better place.
“I don’t have the power to change the world, but I have the magic to inspire the heart of the child who will.”