The Fix Up

The Fix Up

Raven McAllan


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Book one in the Happy Ever After at Romansa Castle

Romansa Castle where love is all around—if you dare take a chance on it.

Regency author Arietta is invited to a posh wedding of a non-friend and a not for very long boyfriend she ditched years ago. She doesn't intend accepting. Her brother has other ideas and thwarts her intention to refuse. He answers ‘yes' for her and sends his friend to be her partner.

Moss Kirby, heartthrob film star is happy to do his friend a favor. Arietta is not happy. No one would believe he was interested in her...would they? Moss persuades her otherwise, and they begin to get to know each other.

Which could have gone well except life has a habit of throwing people curve balls. When Moss needs somewhere to stop while he is filming, he moves into Arietta's spare room. What with gossip abounding, deadlines looming and filming at crazy hours, Arietta accepts her life is upside down. She doesn't expect Moss to introduce Audie, his daughter, who doesn't believe Arietta is real and needs somewhere to stay whilst her mother is ill. Arietta hears herself offering. Once Audie leaves, Arietta is at a loose end, decides on a break, chooses a hotel and to her horror sees Moss with a woman. He tries to explain—she won't listen. Her brother interferes again, and tells her who Audie's mother is. Arietta accepts she has to make amends and it's not going to be easy.

When the story of Audie gets around—wrongly, it makes Moss and Arietta pull together, and realise how much the other matters. Will love conquer?


Raven McAllan:
After 30 plus years in Scotland, Raven now lives near the east Yorkshire coast, with her long-suffering husband, who is used to rescuing the dinner, when she gets immersed in her writing, keeping her coffee pot warm and making sure the wine is chilled.With a new home to decorate and a garden to plan, she's never short of things to do, but writing is always at the top of her list.Her other hobbies include walking along the coast and spotting the wildlife, reading, researching, cros stitch and trying not to drop stitches as she endeavours to knit.