Christian - Muslim Relations in Sudan

Christian - Muslim Relations in Sudan

A Study of the Relationship Between Church and State (1898 - 2005) 3Rd Edition

Gabriel Gai Riam


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• This book examines relationship between Sudanese Churches, either as denominations or as ecumenical bodies and the successive central government in Khartoum – Sudan. In this context, and for the propose of this book, church state relations therefore focus on constitutional, political and social aspect of Christian –Muslims relations. The author used the term theologically with reference to the challenges that face Sudanese religious communities to find theological resources in their respective traditions.

• The book advances four main arguments: firstly, both Christianity and Islam in Sudan have allowed themselves to become polarized by political, ethnic and cultural factors; secondly, the policy of successive governments and military regimes since independence has been to deploy Arabisation and Islamization as means of national unity; thirdly, both Christianity and Islam have ethical and theological resources that can contribute to national reconciliation and lastly, that the African traditionalist have theological resources that can contribute to consolidate peace building mechanisms among the Sudanese communities.

• The objective of the book is to contribute to an understanding of the complexity of the factors that have strained religious communities to enable them draw lessons that can contribute to the challenge of reconciliation and peace building within Sudan as a nation.

• The book is recommended as essential reading for everyone seeking to understand these complexities of the historical and theological resources of the Sudanese religious communities involved around the subject.


Gabriel Gai Riam:

Professional credentials:

Rev. Gabriel Gai Riam (PhD), Date and place of Birth: 01/01/1950, Dirrror Payam, Akobo County Jonglei State - South Sudan. He is a holder of: Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies, from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi - Kenya; Master of Theology; Culture and Development (MTCD), The University of Edinburgh; Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) – The University of Edinburgh; Master’s in Public Administration (M.PA), from the University of Liverpool – UK; Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration - Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, the University of Khartoum – Sudan; Diploma in Public Finance and Management from the University of Juba- South Sudan; Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance from the University of Birmingham UK; and Postgraduate Diploma - in Theology and Biblical studies - Hampstead Bible School London - UK.


He is a self-motivated person with a sense of individual ability, team work and with skills in conducting innovative research in social studies with emphasis on Christian, Islamic, social and economic developmental themes. His experiences have involved executive and administrative roles and duties; both in public and private sectors.


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