Space Systems and Sustainability

Space Systems and Sustainability

From Asteroids and Solar Storms to Pandemics and Climate Change

Joseph N. Pelton


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In his latest book, space scientist, futurist, and educator Joseph N. Pelton explores a

dozen ways that Planet Earth is at “existential” risk, along with the many ways that

space systems, data analytics, and advanced networking systems can help us cope

with these global challenges.

The chapters examine in a straightforward way how satellite systems and technol-

ogy can drastically transform fields such as pandemic tracking and global medical

responses, cosmic hazard monitoring, nuclear energy and waste disposal, water and

land pollution, tele-education/telemedicine, and military conflict. Such examples

show how orbiting smart systems will play an ever more vital role in our vulnerable

modern world, allowing us to monitor, track, and respond to mounting problems of

the 21st century.

Dr. Pelton takes a broad view, probing the social, economic, and regulatory factors

that are crucial to creating a more sustainable “Spaceship Earth.” This book is a call

to action, promoting more organized international collaboration and investment in

space technologies that can enable global change.


Joseph N. Pelton:
Dr. Joseph N. Pelton is an award-winning author and editor of some 50 books and over 300 articles in the field of telecommunications and networking, space systems, future technologies, and urban planning. His book Global Talk won a Pulitzer Prize nomination and won the Eugene Emme Literature Award of the International Association of Astronautics. In July 2013, he received the British Interplanetary Society International Award known as “The Arthur” in honor of Arthur C. Clarke. Dr. Pelton also received the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement award in 2001 and the IAASS “da Vinci Award” for lifetime achievement. Most recently he won the Guardian Award of the Lifeboat Foundation, which was previously won by Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet.
Dr. Pelton is the Founding President of the Society of Satellite Professionals International, the Founder and former Executive Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, and played a key role in the founding of the International Space University. He announced the formation of the Clarke Foundation at the White House in 1983 while he was acting as the Managing Director of the National Committee for World Communications Year – A US Presidential Appointment. He played a role in the formation of the Arthur C. Clarke Center on the Human Imagination at the University of California San Diego in 2012 as well as a new STEM education exhibit at the National Electronics Museum that opened in September 2018. His degrees are from the University of Tulsa (B.S.), New York University (M.A.), and Georgetown University (Ph.D.) His most recent books include: Preparing for the Next Cyber Revolution, Space 2.0: Revolutionary Advances in the Space Industry, The New Gold Rush: The Riches of Space Beckon, Smart Cities for Today and Tomorrow, Digital Defense, and The Farthest Shore: An 21st Century Guide to Space (2nd Edition). He is currently assisting the Hudson Foundation with a re-examination of global space policy. His web page is: resides in Arlington, Virginia.