Dietary Supplement Test Methods

Dietary Supplement Test Methods

Liquid Chromatography Separation Techniques and Application

David (Dajing) Ji, Darryl Sullivan


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This book describes the analytical approach to testing over 160 important dietary supplement ingredients. In addition to the methods, there is significant guidance provided on how to develop, modify, and improve testing techniques. The procedures in this book include some of the most modern technologies that are available in the laboratory today. These basic principles of method development and troubleshooting can be implemented for food and food safety testing, drug development research, and agricultural areas. The contents of this book contain a very comprehensive collection of valuable analytical tools.


  • Introduction
  • Vitamin and Related Nutrients Testing Methods
  • Sugar, Oligosaccharide and Poly-Saccharide Test Methods
  • Test Methods for Botanicals and Botanical Extracts
  • Other Nutritional Ingredients Test Methods

Readership: Dietary supplement manufacturer quality control laboratory and R&D department; Government regulators and research scientists; Raw materials suppliers; Academic research institutes; Independent laboratories.

Key Features:

  • The test methods introduced in this book are based on modern technologies and instruments; the specificity and accuracy are much better than previous methods
  • This book provides not only test procedures, but also the idea of method development; it will be benefit for readers to develop and modify test methods by themselves
  • The liquid chromatography separation technology introduced in this book not only is for dietary supplement testing, but also can be applied in other fields such as drug research and development, food safety, agriculture, traditional medicine research, environment
  • There are no scientific test methods for some dietary supplement products. It is difficult for quality control and government regulation. This book provided almost all test methods for dietary supplement products


David (Dajing) Ji: