Dogs Who Changed the World

Dogs Who Changed the World

50 dogs who altered history, inspired literature... or ruined everything

Dan Jones


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Dogs Who Changed the World is a beautifully illustrated, heart-warming book that celebrates all dogs and proves that every single one of them is absolute magic.

Dogs have trotted at our collective side for tens of thousands of years, bound up in the story of humanity. They have inspired great works of art, caught spies, reconnected lost lovers, dragged the drowning to safety... or have just haplessly and happily ruined everything.

These 50 tales acknowledge our unbreakable relationship with the dog, the first-ever domesticated animal, and their dedication, heroism and unending sense of fun. Along the way we'll meet big-boned Barry, the hefty St Bernard credited with saving the lives of more than 40 lost souls in the Swiss Alps in the 1800s. We'll discover Sigmund Freud's calm-inducing chow chow, Jofi, who would sit in on his psychotherapy sessions (and never spilled a secret), and feel the frustration of Sir Isaac Newton, whose little terror Diamond apparently knocked over a candle and destroyed the physicist's most important manuscripts.


Dan Jones:
Dan Jones is a former magazine editor, who has written several books on subjects varying from cocktails to grooming and queer history. He has tried and tested almost every grooming, fitness, and weird wellness trend out there, and shares everything he's learnt in his books. Dan resides in London, UK.