From Before the Beginning to Forevermore

From Before the Beginning to Forevermore

A Brain Stretching Story

Judy Knapp


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Do you know some of the stories from the Bible? There's the story of how God created the earth; Noah and the ark; Joseph and his coat of many colors; Moses and the burning bush; David and the giant, Goliath; the story of Jesus's birth; many stories of Jesus healing people; and, of course, the wonderful story of the first Easter. Did you ever wonder how each of these stories and many others were chosen to be in the Bible and how they fit together? Each of these small stories is part of a much, much larger story.

Now most stories begin and end. They start with "once upon a time" and end with "they lived happily ever after." The Bible is different because it is God's story, and He is a forever God. His story goes "from before the beginning" and continues "to forevermore," and it is all about His big plan for you and me. Are you interested in learning more? I should warn you that since God is so big, His story takes a bit of brain stretching to understand. But don't worry, brain stretching is not painful.