The Secret Prison Governor

The Secret Prison Governor

The Brutal Truth of Life Behind Bars

The Secret Prison Governor


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Unedited, uncensored and unbelievable: this book shows the harsh reality of life behind bars from a real prison governor who spares no details.

How do you bring order to the lawless?

The Secret Prison Governor has spent decades surrounded by every type of prisoner known to man, from petty thieves and street-level drug dealers to crime bosses and dangerous serial killers.

Since starting as a rookie, he has experienced the reality of the UK's harsh prison system and the hard challenge of ruling those within it.

In his own words, the Secret Prison Governor spares no detail of prison life, whether that's breaking up shiv fights, crushing vast underworld networks, negotiating with hostage-takers or dealing with full-scale cellblock gang wars.

This is the truth of what life is like behind bars.


The Secret Prison Governor:
The Secret Prison Governor is anonymous.