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The 'go to' self-help hand book for all aspects of vaginal health and ecologyIn this book, medical herbalist Kathie Bishop draws on her passion and clinical experience of helping women achieve vaginal health and comfort following chronic or recurrent issues.Often a subject that causes shame, Kathie's mission is not only to break down that taboo and normalise vaginal health, but also provide good solid information that everyone can draw on to understand and navigate this previously mysterious space. Using natural methods based on research, experience and tradition, this handbook aims to help in a variety of uncomfortable, but common, situations.She covers all ages of female, from neonate to post menopausal, and the conditions commonly experienced at each stage, bringing in information from the newly advancing field of the vaginal microbiome mapping, as well as therapeutics commonly accessible to you and your family, how to find them, and the best ways to use them. She is careful to point out when you should get yourself or a loved one to see a health professional, and also brings in women's voices and experience to make this a truly rounded, accessible and useful compendium.


Kathie Bishop:
Kathie Bishop is a medical herbalist at 'The Wylde Herbalist' and the founder of the intimate pleasure brand 'Into the Wylde'. She specialises in helping women transform their vaginal health and ecology, inspired by her own journey and that of her clients. She firmly believes that everything is better with (the right) lube, for every women, not just around and beyond menopause.She graduated from The University of Westminster, London in 2009 with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Western Herbal Medicine. She is additionally trained in Bach Flower Remedies, Abdominal Massage, and Ceremonial Cacao, and is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).She truly believes that the world needs more feminine power, creativity, leadership, and hopes that through healing our, and society's, relationship with the vagina, whose name is so often dared not spoken, we can have a greater impact for good in the work we create, do and embody.She is the recipient of the Innovation in Practice Award 2021 from The National Institute of Medical Herbalists.