Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps

Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps


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China is the largest emerging market economy and the second largest economy in the world. This fact makes better understanding of the experiences of Chinese firms globally and firms in China crucial factors for enhanced success. In essence, this book focuses on providing conceptual as well as in-depth case and other empirical studies on the challenges faced and lessons learned regarding the 'management of innovation, knowledge management, and branding' by Chinese firms in the global arena as well as foreign firms in China.Contents:

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  • Chinese Innovation and Branding Leaps: Introduction (Serdar S Durmusoglu)
  • ICT Adoption and Product Innovation of Chinese Firms: A Perspective on Intra- and Inter-firm Operations (Yuefang Si, Cassandra C Wang, and Jia Zhang)
  • Open-Source Software Platform Innovation in China: Past, Present, and the Future (Sai Lan, Junsong Chen, and Kun Liu)
  • Localization in Business-to-Consumer Cross-Border Online Marketplaces: How AliExpress Turkey Enables Its Sellers' Brands and Manages Their Experiences (Yaman Alpata and Serdar S Durmusoglu)
  • Hierarchical Branding Strategy for New Product Launch: Evidence from China (Howard Pong Yuen Lam and Vincent Chi Wong)
  • Corporate Branding Strategy for New Companies in China: Lessons Learned from GoGoVan and LaLaMove (Howard Pong Yuen Lam and Shiyu (Tracy) Lu)
  • Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Build the Foundation of Brands: A Guide for Chinese Firms (Rodney A Josephson)
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Readership: Academics and scholars in Marketing, Management, Business, Branding in Asia, Innovation, New Product Development; New and experienced professionals and executives in product development, innovation, branding, building long-lasting brands or protecting existing brand equity.Innovation;Branding;China;Asia;Online Marketplace;Entrepreneurship;Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)0Key Features:
  • Fulfils the need for a study of innovation and branding in the competitive market
  • Demonstrates keys to success and pitfalls to avoid in when new and experienced professionals contemplate ways to expand their product innovation reach globally and build long-lasting brands or to protect their existing brand equity