Emily N. Sanchez


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Water welled up in her eyes as streams of desperate tears started to fall onto her metallic-pink dress. Her face longed for affection that she had never given, A desperation that seemed to eat her slowly inside. Has the world ever pulled out your card? The card that announces a challenge from life that there is reneging from. People center themselves on a singular point, blurring out the big picture because of their individual lives and challenges. Colonies called societies live in the shadows, manipulating each other and people that believe. I, Melissa Thorne, along with my friends, believe in the Society, one going under different names per generation. All my life, before striking twelve, I was in the dark; but one Halloween play became a light--a light that shone on things that refracted off everything else. Like my father said, "One day, that kid will get what he deserves. Like you and your system, Melissa, karma is unbiased and affects anyone and everyone in good or bad ways. Life will punch him in the face one day." Just hope it doesn't lash out at the wrong guy.