Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour #2

Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour #2

Infinity Hour

Magdalene Visaggio


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After a crash, Rick, Birdperson, and Wubbo are stranded in space. When a mysterious ship approaches, will they find friend or foe?! Meanwhile, the Gromflomite Federation continues its path of destruction, far too powerful for our ragtag group of heroes to stop.


Magdalene Visaggio:
Magdalene Visaggio is the Eisner and GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer behind Kim & Kim, Eternity Girl, Dazzler: X Song, Transformers vs Visionaries, and Morning in America. A lifelong comics reader, she studied English at Virginia Commonwealth University and did graduate work in Ethics & Moral Theology at Seton Hall before dropping out to focus on writing comics where people hit each other with guitars. When not writing, she's probably passed out on her couch at three in the morning with a cat on top of her while Netflix asks if she wants to continue watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. She lives in Manhattan.