Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

A Handbook for Caregivers of Children with Attachment Wounds

Felicia Stewart


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Don’t you wish children really did come with instructions? Caregivers of children with attachment difficulties, who have experienced childhood trauma, often don’t know that they need to parent differently to meet their child’s specific needs and help them to start making sense of the world. Seeing the Unseen is a one-stop-shop for families who are besieged.
Learn the founding principles of attachment and trauma theory.
Understand why it’s important to put on your oxygen mask first.
Discover how to become a trauma detective.
Access practical strategies to tackle behaviours—from sleep issues to sibling rivalry, manipulation to miscommunication.
Easy to navigate and written in a straightforward style, Seeing the Unseen is a must-have for adoptive and foster caregivers. It will also benefit anyone who has been touched by attachment disruption, including divorce.


Felicia Stewart:
Felicia Stewart is a former PR executive and travel writer who found herself in a distorted parenting space following the adoption of a toddler in 2005. For 14 years she has been on a journey to understand the challenging behaviours that she faced each day; studying under the trauma masters, Peter Levine, Diane Poole Heller, Janina Fisher, Bruce Perry, and many other experts in the field. Alongside her work helping families living with attachment difficulties, Felicia has trained as a specialist tea master and offers coaching in mindful tea practice.