Shipping Clerk to CEO

Shipping Clerk to CEO

The Power of Curiosity, Will and Self Directed Learning

Ted Clark


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Ted spells out a personal career model which says, "Anyone can do it." Whether you've got a high school degree or an MBA from Wharton, you can learn from Ted and his book.

–Jim Owens, President and CEO H.B. Fuller Company

Shipping Clerk to CEO reads like a genuine passing of the business torch to a younger generation eager to cut its teeth outside the classroom.

Businessman Ted Clark makes a compelling argument that educating oneself while on the job is a viable strategy that requires only curiosity, tenacity and good instincts for acquiring useful knowledge and a leadership mindset. Starting as a forklift driver and warehouse clerk, Clark climbed the corporate ladder against the odds to become CEO of a $240 million company at age 42. In his debut book, Shipping Clerk to CEO, Clark shares 15 critical lessons that any ambitious person can use to turbocharge their career.

In this book, Clark tackles subjects like:

  • What makes underdogs succeed?
  • How can you avoid the "experience trap"?
  • What does it take to think on your feet?
  • How do you mend broken work relationships?
  • How do you manage workers twice one's age?

Shipping Clerk to CEO is chock-full of personal stories, information-loaded sidebars, and visionary takeaways.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • The subtle difference between creating change and adapting.
  • Why we're all salesmen and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  • When to "show your teeth" to gain respect.
  • How a "power walk" can revolutionize your work presence.
  • And what it really takes to succeed as CEO.

Building on his first principle—have a reason—Clark sets the tone like a charismatic mentor rooting for the success of underdogs everywhere. Entertaining and clever, his parables, self-assessment, and business tactics pave the way for a younger generation eager to cut its teeth outside the classroom.


Ted Clark:
Theodore (Ted) Clark is a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor with over 40 years of experience. Starting as a shipping clerk at age 19, he rose through the ranks to become President & CEO of Products Research & Chemical Corporation (PRC), a global leader in aircraft and construction sealants and coatings. In 2003, Ted co-founded Royal Adhesives & Sealants and built it through 19 acquisitions into one of the top 10 adhesives companies in the world. Ted consults with business managers on acquisitions and growth strategies using private equity capital. He lives in southern California.