Morton's Meanderings

Morton's Meanderings

Mission 1: Save Me. Save a Tree. Save We.

Alice Elizabeth Shoemake, Morton Mortimer Koala, Ph.D.


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Welcome. Here we meet Morton the koala. Morton is a light-blue orphaned koala who wears a colorful scarf. He explains he is blue to help him stand out to all the boys and girls. Morton is an adventurer and goes on many meanderings or missions to deliver his messages. Morton comes in sadness and fear to deliver his first message. He has already lost his parents in a wildfire and now his remaining family and their homes are dwindling. On this first mission, he comes to explain why koalas need trees and how humans can help save them both. He points out that humans and koalas value trees and why the trees are so very important to koalas. He expresses his profound sadness that his family along with the trees are being destroyed by many sources. Morton explains our common threats and needs in the natural world. Working together, we can care for Mother Earth properly and help Morton and his koala family survive. Morton is very concerned about the rest of his family and needs your help quick.

With your help, farther down the road, Morton hopes to continue his missions. These next messages would teach boys and girls, just like you, about wildlife conservation (focusing on koalas), other animals on the vulnerable or endangered status list, ecology, reforestation, global warming, and so on. Also mixed in these messages will be lessons of kindness, patience, tolerance, and other character traits that children need to learn. Remember, you must hear Morton’s first message and begin working so Morton will know you want to help. Then he can continue with his next message.

Morton will strive to tap into the children’s imagination, giving them ways, both creative and practical, they can help nonprofit organizations as well as creating their own new pathways. This connection, Morton hopes, will enrich children’s hearts and minds, creating a better future for our world.


Alice Elizabeth Shoemake: