Miss Unity and the Sparkly Dragon Find Their Way Home

Miss Unity and the Sparkly Dragon Find Their Way Home

Janet Craig


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Little Miss Unity is lost! She wandered away from her Mum and can’t find her way home. Luckily, Sparkly Dragon appears. He is her very own guardian angel. Sparkly Dragon explains there are lots of angels in the universe, and they protect us every day, even when we can’t see them.

Sparkly Dragon teaches Miss Unity to follow the signs from her angels in heaven. First, Miss Unity sees a blue flash of light and then, a feather, which are both signs that her angels are close. She is well on her way to finding her way home to her Mum and chicken tea.

Miss Unity and the Sparkly Dragon teaches children they are not alone, even when they feel scared or lost. Miss Unity’s story continues in a series of books that answer questions children might have about the realm of the unseen.


Janet Craig:
Janet Craig is a professional writer of over forty years and loves to spend her spare time in the land of fantasy, writing children’s books. Having become a spiritual teacher in 2015, Janet is now combining her knowledge of all things heavenly into mystical tales of adventure.