I Am Desposynos I Am Book 1

I Am Desposynos I Am Book 1

Walking the Rainbow Circle

Sarah Mary Star


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This is the story of one woman’s search for meaning and relevancy. Her journey through the annuls of time, guided by her life-long “magical gifts”, and a tiny sliver of her DNA, brings answers we all need, as we wrestle with Covid-19 and today’s “Old Reality.” Discover new ways to “be.” Feel boundaries melt in the spaces between the heart-beats. In a meeting of timely and timeless ideas, discover new ways to “be.” The challenges we face are the very teachers we came here to meet. Banish f.e.a.r from your essence. Delve into your heart-space, as you experience your inner divinity. Discover your own “New Reality” as you learn to live as Love. For that is indeed, your true essence! Feel fabulous and free forever! Your guide, Sarah Mary Star, blends poetry, prose and pictures to inspire and empower you to reach for the stars and beyond! This little book contains a whole lot for the reader to think about!


Sarah Mary Star:
Sarah Mary Star is a natural seer, dreamer, empath and visionary. She knew from an early age, that her destiny lay in re-balancing the roles of men and women, as they were long ago. She is a mother, a grandmother, and a former nurse, with a huge family circle, biological and chosen. She currently lives in a small city, but is most at home in the forest. She is a poet, an author, a teacher and a healer. She walks the path of a Rainbow Warrior, honoring all directions of the Sacred Hoop, encompassing all people, creatures and things that share Mother Earth with us. She is descended from many royal and “holy” people in many lands. She is not religious. She is a spiritual woman in its truest sense. www.sarahmarystar.com