Electroweak Baryogenesis (Second Edition)

Electroweak Baryogenesis (Second Edition)

An introduction

Graham White


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This book introduces the theory and formalism of electroweak baryogenesis. It provides a pedagogical overview to help enable researchers to overcome the steep learning curve associated with entering this field, ensuring that the high energy physics community is adequately equipped to interpret the next generation of experimental results. This expanded second edition includes an overview of novel calculation techniques not covered in the first edition, as well as an updated discussion of gravitational waves, collider signatures and electric dipole moments. It is an excellent reference for graduate students and researchers familiar with graduate level quantum field theory. 


Graham White:
Graham White grew up in north Queensland, Australia. He developed a love of physics after reading some popular science books as a teenager and decided he wanted to become a physicist shortly after. Graham White is a Doctoral Student at Monash University studying Baryogenesis and holds a masters degree from University of Kentucky and has studied Baryogenesis at the Amherst Center for fundamental interactions (University of Massachusetts Amherst) as a guest scholar. He currently lives in Melbourne with his wife and son.