Using Scenarios

Using Scenarios

Scenario Planning for Improving Organizations

Thomas J. Chermack


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This is the first book to offer detailed guidance on how scenarios can be used to help organizations make their toughest decisions in a world of ever-escalating crisis and opportunity.

To reap the full benefits of scenarios, you have to be able to apply them in the real world. This groundbreaking book goes beyond the theoretical to clearly explain different ways scenarios can be used in business decision-making—from strategic planning and financial modeling to crisis response. Connecting scenarios to strategy and action can have many benefits, including the ability to react quickly, anticipate major changes in the environment, and identify major opportunities.

Thomas Chermack, a top expert on scenario planning, offers seven specific ways organizations can use scenarios and provides a wide variety of examples, along with proven processes, exercises, and workshops that have been used successfully in organizations across industries and countries for more than fifteen years.


Thomas J. Chermack:
Thomas J. Chermack is professor of organizational learning, performance, and change at Colorado State University, where he also directs the Scenario Planning Institute. He is the founder and president of Chermack Scenarios, a scenario-planning consultancy firm. He is the author of foundational books in the field, including Scenario Planning in Organizations and Foundations of Scenario Planning: The Story of Pierre Wack. Dr. Chermack has focused on how organizational leaders use scenarios to manage uncertainty, and he is often quoted in academic research and consults widely on issues related to scenarios. He is also a frequent speaker at planning and futures conferences around the world.