The Prepared Graduate

The Prepared Graduate

Find Your Dream Job, Live the Life You Want, and Step Into Your Purpose

Kyyah Abdul, MPH


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In 2019, 1.9 million people graduated with their bachelor’s degree (Bustamonte, 2019) and 1.3 million (Fain, 2019) did not work in their field of study. Kyyah believes that the lack of post-graduation preparation is a direct result of a national school system that is failing students.

Colleges and universities don’t believe it is their responsibility to prepare their students to find, apply, and land a job in their focus of study. This lack of career preparation curriculum is what fueled Kyyah’s desire to create Career Savage as the solution.

In her first book, Kyyah aims to share her personal experiences as she showcases her personality and wit as she gives direct, but well-informed advice to guide readers through their own Career Savage journey.

Primary Audience: College Students

A self-guided book, The Prepared Graduate aims to become an on-demand personal career coach for every graduating college student and entry-level professional who finds themselves wandering aimlessly in today’s job market.

Secondary Audience: Parents of College Students

Parents may assume that career skills are taught at some point during their child’s enrollment. To their dismay there are no classes on how to write a proper résumé, interview well, negotiate a job offer or salary. This book will help guide parents through today’s career landscape to help them better prepare their students after graduation.

Tertiary Audience: College Advisors

As advisors are overburdened with the number of students they are assigned, making meaningful, one-on-one meetings nearly impossible, this guide can be used as supplemental reading material given to students. The Prepared Graduate can become a college advisor’s saving grace as it packages everything an advisor wishes they had the time to tell each of their students.


Kyyah Abdul, MPH:

Ruqayyah Abdulrahoof, professionally known as Kyyah Abdul, is a personal career strategist and founder of Career Savage, a platform dedicated to helping students and young professionals navigate their road to ultimate career success. Kyyah currently works as a remote pharmaceutical consultant facilitating clinical research and development with the FDA to get client medicines approved in the cell therapy, hematology, and oncology space. She has also written public health programs addressing ways to decrease the prevalence of poor cardiovascular health among Black Americans and is the published co-author for a scientific journal, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Health-Related Quality of Life of African American Older Adults in an Economically Disadvantaged Area of Los Angeles.