The Reign of Man

The Reign of Man

Hell on Earth

Elbert Lewis Jr


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The Reign of MAN is the third installment in the Dawn of MAN series. It chronicles Logan’s attempts to unite humanity after earth is caught up in an interstellar war for domination of the Milky Way galaxy. While nearly single-handedly holding at bay one alien threat he must convince another alien race that mankind is a worthy ally and should be saved from annihilation and extinction. Logan is forced to undergo numerous enhancements and genetic accelerations in order to prove that he is the long-awaited Mutation Accelerated Nemesis, the ultimate warrior, and that the human race can and will produce many more Before the human race can be united, Logan must first find a way to deal with rising racial tensions, civil war, wholesale religious strife, a resurgence of communism, battles over strategic resources and nuclear exchanges between several sworn enemies. The situation on Earth is dire and the future of mankind is bleak. The introduction of advanced alien technology has given man the ability to truly destroy the planet. In order to save mankind from self-destruction, Logan must take drastic actions and use his access to quantum energy to assume dictatorial powers over the peoples of Earth and the fledgling human colonies.


Elbert Lewis Jr:
Elbert Lewis, Jr. is a former Marine who served with the 3rd Division in Vietnam [1969-1970]. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati Evening College and a Professional Engineer certificate from the State of Ohio. He served the citizens of Cincinnati for thirty years in various positions from labor, to senior engineer, to Assistant Superintendent. He retired in 1999 to pursue his interests in writing science fiction, portraiture and podcasting.