Battle of the Cherubs

Battle of the Cherubs

Tezi Beach


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Tia Menendez is a special cherub created by God to fight battles against evil. She has the ability to see and speak with the beings in the spiritual world. She also possesses powerful spiritual gifts bestowed upon her by God. Tia's story continues with her facing a new enemy, Corrigan, a very powerful cherub who practices the occult and participates in sacrificial ceremonies. This cherub is the head of a psychic foundation in Cassadaga, Florida, where demons roam free, and the locals are bewitched by Corrigan's powers. With the help of her coven of worshippers, her henchman, and her pet jaglion, Corrigan kidnaps humans and offers them to her gods through a grueling and barbaric ritual. Once captured, no one escapes the confinement of the foundation.

When Corrigan discovers that Tia is a cherub and attending classes at a nearby university, she enlists the help of Charmo Vetr, a very old and powerful demon. Together, they devise a plan to destroy Tia. But God has confidence in Tia's devotion to Him. Using two of His mightiest angels, Alcander and Azimi, and Tia's friends, God sets forth His plan to rid the world of the evil presence of Corrigan and the demons that influence her actions.

This story is full of nonstop action and cliff-hangers that leave the reader desperate to find out what is going to happen on the next page. It is a fight for survival with humans, angels, and demons battling for good versus evil. Who will win? Is Tia strong enough to overcome Corrigan's powers? Can Tia's friends rely on God's guidance to save the people they love from an excruciating death? Read this story and find out.