Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management

Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management


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"[The book]…provides a balanced picture of the possibilities and advantages, as well as the challenges, that use of biological crop protection entails… For anyone involved in the microbial bioprotectants space, this is a comprehensive resource you won’t want to miss out on. It includes practical yet academic-led discussion and examples that help establish the roadmap for this section of the bioag sector."(BioAgWorld)

"This book provides a plethora of knowledge on the biological fight against plant diseases. It’s a must have for everyone involved in plant science."(Arie Dwarswaard, Greenity)

"The authors provide an overview of beneficial microorganisms against plant pathogens, with a focus on product development, authorisation and application in practice. The book is a source of knowledge and inspiration for researchers, product developers, policy makers and growers."(Doriet Willemen, Gewasbescherming)

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of synthetic fungicides, increasing levels of fungicide resistance and increasing regulatory restrictions on fungicide use, the crop protection sector faces mounting pressure to replace synthetic fungicides with more environmentally-friendly biological alternatives for disease control.

Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management provides a comprehensive coverage of the recent advances in the development of more ecologically balanced biological methods to control plant diseases. The collection offers a focussed review on the availability and use of bacterial, fungal and viral bioprotectants, as well as the issues that arise with their development and use.

Edited by two world-renowned figures in the field, Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management will be a standard reference point for researchers in crop protection and agronomy; government and private sector agencies involved in sustainable agriculture; agrochemical companies manufacturing/selling crop protection products; agronomists and farmers wanting to broaden their knowledge on bioprotectants.