The. Always. Stop. And. Pray. Devotional

Winston Stokes


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Do you long to feel God’s majestic presence on a daily basis? Do you yearn to see Jesus work miraculously in your life? Would you like the Holy Spirit to commandeer the pilot seat of your life and fly you to a destination filled with God’s glory, energy, and fulfilling love?

Well, this devotional, A.S.A.P. The Always. Stop. And. Pray. Devotional, is a thirty-one-day read and study that aims to introduce men and women like yourself to communion with God’s unfailing love, grace, and His wonderful promises. This is a devotional that intentionally aims to equip you with the knowledge of how to cultivate an effective personal relationship with Jesus through faith-filled prayer that will most certainly yield Christian fruitfulness.

Winston Stokes points to God’s Almighty word, God’s promises, as well as prayers of biblical characters to guide you to an effective blessed relationship with God. He urges Christians to become acquainted with God’s guarantees of fruitfulness, blessings, and fulfillment. Stokes, who speaks wholeheartedly from the perspective of a man coming from a life of self-inflicted hardship and despair (who finally gave his life to Christ in a six feet by twelve foot cell), shares how Jesus Christ touched his heart and soul, drawing him, an unworthy man, to God’s love, grace, forgiveness, salvation, and abundant blessings, opening his eyes and heart to receive Jesus and witness the Son of God work in, around, and through him.

Stokes shows how by leaning on God’s Word we all can consciously witness God Almighty moving mountains and leveling valleys in our lives.