Your Magical Inner World - Tu Mágico Mundo Interior (Bilingual)

Your Magical Inner World - Tu Mágico Mundo Interior (Bilingual)

Lucía Stone


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This engaging, interactive, and bilingual book guides children into their inner world through virtues and mindfulness, moving them from a state of fear to a state of love. Your Magical Inner World brings children and adults together to create an environment where they feel loved and learn to love themselves and others. Using affirmations, meditation, visualization, and songs, the book offers children tools to understand that they are not just a body subjected to external forces, but rather an intelligent being with a consciousness that goes beyond the physical. When children learn to know their inner selves, they become more peaceful, strong, brave, loving, kind, and wise human beings.


Lucía Stone:

Lucia Stone is a teacher, writer, translator, actress, and multilingual grandmother who loves to play the guitar, sing, swim and spend time with her family. She is a life coach, as well as a homeschooling and parenting coach.

Lucia has been a teacher of the power of the mind for more than 35 years, working with children and adults. She was born in Mexico City, where she attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico, majoring in International Relations. She has also studied in Italy, England, and the United States, where she received her Master of Arts in Spanish from Cleveland State University.

She currently lives in Puebla, Mexico, with her husband Richard and her dog Felix.