Just Squeeze My Hand

Just Squeeze My Hand

A Caregiver's Experience with Frontotemporal Dementia

Manuel "Manny" Moncivais


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This is a love story of a twenty-six-year marriage that was extended with a six-year slow death sentence due to the dreaded mental illness, Frontotemporal Dementia. Frontotemporal Dementia affects approximately 50,000–60,000 people (Knop, 2011 cure PSP). Frontotemporal Dementia can start in the forties age group, making it very difficult to diagnose. This story describes the challenges of a caregiver to initially know what the actual diagnosis was because it was a hard disease to diagnose.

This story also describes this caregiver’s steps in caring for his wife until her very last breath. The author’s main goal is to help others who may have someone with Frontotemporal Dementia symptoms, or other terminal illnesses, and how to deal with the huge task as a primary caregiver. Information for support groups are also available for the caregiver and patient. Any critical information that can help a caregiver will be highlighted in bold and italics for quick reference in this book.