Advances in Physics of Rydberg Atoms and Molecules

Advances in Physics of Rydberg Atoms and Molecules

Eugene Oks


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This book covers recent analytical advances in the study of Rydberg atoms and molecules. The book presents classical descriptions of electron trajectories in Rydberg atoms, offering detailed visualisations and deep physical insight into the dynamics of the system. The book surveys studies of the energy shift of Rydberg atoms and molecules, the shapes of the spectral lines they emit, and counterintuitive phenomena observed in the process. At the cutting edge of its field, this research and reference text is ideal for graduate level students and researchers in quantum optics, quantum computing, plasma, and sensing technologies.

Key Features:

  • Provides the latest advances in studying Rydberg atoms and molecules including detailed visualizations for deep physical insight
  • Presents counterintuitive results on the shape of spectral lines of Rydberg atoms and ions
  • Includes techniques for measuring nuclear shapes in atomic experiments –by using spectral lines of muonic ions
  • Discusses classical analytical description of negative hydrogen ions and how this impacts practical applications previously considered impossible
  • Introduces new types of the motion of a Rydberg electron in polar molecules


Eugene Oks:

Professor Oks has founded and co-founded new research fields including intra-Stark spectroscopy, masing without inversion, and quantum chaos. He has developed and implemented a large number of advanced spectroscopic methods for diagnosing various laboratory and astrophysical plasmas, and has published over 500 papers and 9 books. He is the Chief Editor of the journal “International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics” and the Editor-in-Chief of the Physical Sciences section of the journal “Foundations”.