Teach in the Positive Circle

Teach in the Positive Circle

Creating Opportunities for Growth and Reflection

Julie West


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Teaching is a lifelong trial, but the first few years in the classroom are typically amongst a teacher’s most challenging. Teach in the Positive Circle: Creating Opportunities for Growth and Reflection is an instrumental resource for new teachers entering the profession. This collection of real-world scenarios, checklists, and reflections provides practical guidance to make the first years successful. This book will help new teachers navigate relationships and understand themselves on a deeper level and the specific, positive tips will help in sustaining the energy necessary to maintain the enthusiasm and joy of the profession throughout their career. New teachers will find perseverance, balance, and confidence in daily interactions with different personalities. Teach in the Positive Circle also offers tips to set up a new teacher induction program as well as providing support to traditional and alternative teacher preparation programs, teacher cadet programs, and individual in-service teachers.


Julie West:

Julie West, a native Texas gal, has been a consummate and professional educator for seventeen years. She currently works as a Literacy Blended Learning Coach and a Reading Academy Cohort leader for the Terrell Independent School District. Prior to becoming a part of the Curriculum and Instruction team, she was a classroom teacher for fifteen years. You can gain tips and advice by following her on Twitter @Julie_West100.