If I’m Not Hypothyroid, What’s Wrong?

If I’m Not Hypothyroid, What’s Wrong?

The Multidimensional Approach to Getting Your Energy Back

Audra Whatley LAc CFMP


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Discover what’s behind your hypothyroid symptoms and start feeling better! Are you tired of doctors telling you you're fine when clearly you don't feel fine? You have all the common symptoms of hypothyroid – fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, aversion to cold, even hair loss – but instead of listening, the doctors keep insisting that your labs are normal. Something still feels wrong though, and the more you’re told it’s not, the more you feel as if you’re going crazy. Well, you’re not! Those symptoms are real and valuable information your body is giving you. There is a way to find answers to why you feel this way and make sense of your symptoms. In If I’m Not Hypothyroid, What’s Wrong?, certified functional medicine practitioner and licensed acupuncturist Audra Whatley shows you how to use those symptoms as a road map to getting your energy back. You will learn: • Why your doctors keep saying you're fine • What is actually going on with your body • How to heal without being put on thyroid medication for the rest of your life • How to feel like your energetic self again • The five elements of healing your body, mind, emotions, and spirit If I’m Not Hypothyroid, What’s Wrong? is the simple-to-understand book with the answers you’ve been looking for to start feeling better today!


Audra Whatley LAc CFMP:
After years of runaround in the traditional medical model, Audra Whatley found her own answers for getting past her hypothyroid symptoms. Audra is a licensed acupuncturist and certified functional medicine practitioner practicing in Allen, Texas. She uses an integrative holistic approach and intuitive style to help women find answers, get back their energy, and relax into age with grace.