Not Necessarily Rocket Science

Not Necessarily Rocket Science

A Beginner's Guide to Life in the Space Age (Women in science, Aerospace industry, Mars)

Kellie Gerardi


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The intended audience for this book is college students and young professionals ages 18 – 24 with a passion for science and exploration. Young adults who grew up fascinated by The Discovery Channel, watched every Bill Nye episode and always competed in the science fair. Space exploration is experiencing a resurgence in the mainstream, and the rise of the commercial spaceflight industry over the past few years has further cemented its place in pop culture. The space industry has also begun to eclipse Silicon Valley as the new mission-driven industry of choice for millennials. Not Necessarily Rocket Science will appeal to readers with a diverse range of space knowledge, from the actively engaged space enthusiasts who dream of going to space, to the millions of passive but curious observers who enjoy following NASA on social media.


Kellie Gerardi:

Kellie Gerardi is an aerospace professional and popular science communicator (@kelliegerardi) who has flown multiple microgravity research campaigns as a citizen scientist and spacesuit-ed human test subject. With a decade of experience in the commercial space industry, she leads Special Projects for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and is a Scientist-Astronaut Candidate with Project PoSSUM, a crewed suborbital research program. She has also contributed to space settlement research, including a multi-week crew rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station. Kellie serves on the Defense Council for the Truman National Security Project and is an active member of The Explorers Club. Kellie lives in the Washington DC area with her husband Steven and their daughter Delta V. Not Necessarily Rocket Science is her first book.