Shattered but Not Broken

Shattered but Not Broken

Kathryn Lena Rhodes Mims


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An extraordinary true story about how love doesn’t hurt. In this story, you will discover how those three words, I Love you, lead to being shot multiple times at gunpoint and left for dead.

The purpose for this book is to relate to men and women, young and old, concerning the seriousness of domestic violence. An act of domestic violence can happen to anyone. Statistics show that domestic violence is rapid and most times, silent. Many people have lost their lives by the very hand that fed them. Please, let this not be you. You will unfold many warning signs as you read my book. It is my prayer that you will take heed and control. Love is powerful and is the very force that connect us. In addition, love doesn’t hurt; in fact, it nurtures, protects, believes, endures, hopes, and most of all, never fails!

Do you know anyone can be a victim of domestic violence? Domestic violence does not discriminate. It will destroy you if you let it. Its purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy you and whatever stands in its way. Don’t be a victim of domestic violence; understand what love is. I’m writing this book to save someone’s life.