The Victorian Time Traveller

The Victorian Time Traveller

Frederick Ramsbottom

Vanessa Baldacci


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Frederick Ramsbottom is a Victorian chap who enjoys time travelling to different eras and has the most fantastic adventures. He teleports to Roman times using his amazing Magical Time Machine and specially designed devices to help him on his quest and finds himself getting caught up with Roman guards. What happens next…? Does he escape…? A modern historical twist. The Victorian Time Traveller is dyslexia-friendly and is available to download in audiobook version.


Vanessa Baldacci:
Vanessa and Frankie Baldacci have produced lots of historical adventures for you to enjoy, including The Victorian Time Traveller, Frederick Ramsbottom’s WW2 Adventure and The Victorian and FBI Agents. These books have been derived with Frankie’s incredible creative imagination and his mum, Vanessa Baldacci, is very proud of him. This is a huge achievement as Frankie struggles with severe learning difficulties daily which affects his cognitive development. Now having more confidence in himself, he hopes to inspire other children from all walks of life.