The Series Of Kindness: Volume 1

The Series Of Kindness: Volume 1

Salma Soliman


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Karim, Hanna, Fares, Farida, and the little people, are not super people with superpowers or princes and princesses, neither do they own talking animals or magic lamps. Yet, they are all heroes of kindness. Each has changed the world into a better place with their very own minds and hearts. They understood that only by true freedom, freedom to love, freedom to live, and freedom to be only themselves, can they change whatever they don’t like in this world, love fearlessly and fully, achieve their best potential, be the best version of themselves and make the world a better place.
Five different stories of kindness, each story includes songs and a direct message in the end to make sure the intended moral sticks with our children. They are all stories, of taking actions and making things happen, of positivity and power, of faith and believing. The values presented in this book are of love, appreciation, inner beauty, compassion, peace, courage, and passion.
This book is a manifestation of the human being I wish my daughter grows into. Help shape the hearts and souls of the next generation. Believe in utopia and heaven and bring up your children believing the same. Kindness can create miracles, so allow your children to make their own miracles!


Salma Soliman:
Salma Soliman was born and raised in Egypt. As a graduate of mass communication, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Egyptian Competition Authority. She also worked as a freelance writer and published an article in one of Egypt’s well-known English magazines. Her new motherly role and her passion for writing drove her to write this book, hoping to touch the hearts and minds of our beloved tiny ones. She deeply believes that kindness is the way to live and if true kindness is applied in everything we do, all our lives shall fall into place!