Face Reading

Face Reading

Self-Care and Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jianshe Wu


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Is it possible to take your health in your own hand without having to see a doctor? Common problems such as acne and pimples, color spots, swollen face, red veins in the eyes and on the face, and color changes in the face—what caused these things to happen? Facial diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine can help you understand the various signals your body sends out regarding the state of your health. Facial diagnosis is an integral part of TCM's diagnostic methods. TCM believes that all that exists on the inside of the body will ultimately reveal themselves on the outside. By observing changes occurring in the face, one can gain insight into the health status of the internal organs of the human body, thereby preventing some diseases from developing and improving one's health as a result. Facial diagnostic method, as introduced in this book, is easy to learn and practice. Combined with pictures and texts, the book is accessible to the readers and suitable for daily home health care.


Jianshe Wu:
Born of a family that has practiced traditional Chinese medicine for generations, Wu Jianshe, MD, has close to 20 years of experience in Chinese medical research and clinical work and has published five books on traditional Chinese medicine.