MinuteEarth Explains

MinuteEarth Explains

How Did Whales Get So Big? And Other Curious Questions about Animals, Nature, Geology, and Planet Earth (Science Book for Kids)



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MinuteEarth 2.53M subscribers Average video views: 200k. MinuteEarth is a series of short illustrated stories about science and our awesome planet!



MinuteEarth is a team of scientists, writers, and illustrators working to foster a love of science and stewardship of our planet. Their audience includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and from every country on earth. Their videos have been translated into several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Italian. They have also launched a TV show in Japan, MinuteBody, exploring curious things about the human body.

Their YouTube videos explore topics ranging from animal behavior to earth science and public health. They combine rigorous research, quirky humor, and distinctive stick figures to convey complex scientific information in an engaging and approachable way.