Homemade Meals for Cats and Dogs

Homemade Meals for Cats and Dogs

75 Grain-Free Nutritious Recipes

Cathy Alinovi, Susan Thixton


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“Whole food, real food, clean eating . . . home-prepared meals incorporating healthy ingredients are eminently do-able alternatives.” —The Bark

There’s a reason why pets beg at the table—they want real food! Not the kibble manufactured by pet food companies, transformed beyond recognition, drained of natural nutrients, and a far cry from fresh meat, vegetables, and grain. If we as human beings are so dedicated to preparing healthy, homemade meals for ourselves in the comfort and safety of our own kitchens, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our beloved pets?

Homemade Meals for Cats and Dogs is a collection of more than fifty cat and dog food recipes that will teach you how to whip up a fresh, balanced meal for your hungry critters. Written by a veterinarian certified in food therapy and an advocate for pet food safety, these recipes are also based on the National Research Council requirements for dogs and cats. Debunk the myth that pet food companies are the only entities qualified to feed your pets. Instead, beat pet obesity, disease, and sickness by reaching into your pantry or refrigerator, turning on the stove, and starting to cook yourself! Making food at home will also decrease those exorbitant pet food bills.

It’s time to go back to the table. Know exactly what your pet is eating and serve it a variety of real food that it deserves. Be a responsible pet parent by balancing your pet’s diet and pleasing its palate.

Previously published under the title Dinner PAWsible

“The recipes look good enough to eat for humans.” —The Conscious Cat with Ingrid King


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