How Marketing Beats Dick

How Marketing Beats Dick

Nova Embers


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There's a lot of dick in this one.
Maggie Hargidan hasn't had sex in over two years. And that's a problem on so many levels. Especially when she has to market erotic tour packages to senior citizens for the fall season. That is until Richard becomes her new supervisor.
Richard Ryder is the newest London transfer to the marketing team. He is sexy and British and seems to have a particular interest on one of his new subordiantes.
But when Maggie makes a huge HR mistake that may result in losing her job and Richard's affections, she may have to ride a whole lot of dick to turn her whole life around.
What's a girl to do?


Nova Embers:
During the day, Nova Embers leads a semi-regular life under her real name, stuck in a cubicle thinking about all the sexual mischiefs her characters can get themselves into. She has a passion for Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and all things pop culture. And if you pay attention carefully, you will find her stories are riddled with easter eggs glorifying them.