GET Feedback

GET Feedback

Giving, Exhibiting, and Teaching Feedback in Special Education Teacher Preparation


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Perfect for special education teacher preparation faculty, coordinators, and administrators, GET Feedback: Giving, Exhibiting and Teaching Feedback in Special Education Teacher Preparation provides examples, activities, and support for integrating and aligning feedback instruction, demonstrating the importance of putting the adult learner, as the feedback recipient, at the center of every feedback opportunity. Written in an approachable, easy-to-read format, this text is the first book to specifically examine feedback for adult learners. Drs. Martha D. Elford, Heather Haynes Smith, and Susanne James use the G.E.T. Model (give, exhibit, teach) to provide structure for feedback through four domains: specificity, immediacy, purposefulness, and constructiveness. GET Feedback combines Adult Learning Theory with education research to provide a comprehensive, integrated framework to teach feedback in special education teacher preparation. This text will improve how special education teacher educators “GET” feedback across courses and programs.