Rockhounding & Prospecting: Upper Midwest

Rockhounding & Prospecting: Upper Midwest

How to Find Gold, Copper, Agates, Thomsonite, and Other Favorites

Jim Magnuson


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  • AdventureKEEN’s rocks & minerals products are proven sellers: more than 350,000 units sold
  • Rock hunting is a growing hobby throughout the USA, and this is a great introduction to finding some of the most coveted types of treasures
  • In-depth look at the region’s most sought-after targets, including agates, gold, silver, fossils, and more
  • Teaches the actual prospecting process: how to dig for, find, and identify each type
  • Full-color photographs and range maps
  • Need-to-know information on equipment, safety, and the legality of collecting
  • Advice on polishing your finds and tips on which Midwest rock events are most worth attending
  • Strong interest in rocks and minerals (e.g. many tourists visiting rock shops, significant sales of books relating to agates and other rocks & minerals)
  • Author is an expert rock hunter with a lifetime of experience
  • Covers Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin


Jim Magnuson:
Jim Magnuson has been an active student and hunter of a wide range of rocks, minerals, and fossils since he was a child. He has traveled to many locations to hunt for unique, beautiful, and often valuable gifts of nature. Jim enjoys connecting and meeting with local rock hounds and prospectors, listening to their stories, and learning from their experiences. But for Jim, there is nothing like the thrill of being out in the field seeking quality specimens. He confesses that sometimes he gets “skunked,” but this only fuels the passion and desire to achieve success. Jim loves to study relevant geology and paleontology and to perform various work on rocks and minerals for display or jewelry-making. He likes to share his experience—through writing, as well as conducting hands-on presentations and workshops—and help others develop their knowledge, passion, and skill. Jim’s published works include The Storied Agate; The Fairburn Agate of the Black Hills; Agate Hunting Made Easy; Lake Superior Agates; Emma’s First Agate; and Gemstone Tumbling, Cutting, Drilling, and Cabochon-Making.