Story Time with Ms. Rhonda

Story Time with Ms. Rhonda

Rhonda Mayfield


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A book loaded with life lessons and simple morals that help children exercise critical thinking skills and thought processes, all the while keeping their attention with fun-loving characters that they are sure to grow to love. In addition watch as your child enjoys beautiful freehand graphic art that will hold their attention as they enjoy each lesson.


Rhonda Mayfield:
My name is Rhonda Mayfield. I grew up in the heartbeat of Manhattan, New York. My sisters and brothers would watch the busy streets from our 5th-floor apartment like a sequence from a ton of movies. Sometimes it would be hard to focus with so many options open to you. And I soon realized a person's options become smaller when growing up in poverty. I began to draw and write plays to go with the drawings, and from then on my creative mind began its journey. As an adult, I remember looking out of that window, and seeing sometimes not so nice, and sometimes even frightening situations. And as I would look back inside our cozy apartment that housed 6 people, all I saw was the complete opposite of what the streets showed me. In hindsight, my mother loved and protected, and instructed me and my siblings on how to be productive citizens in society. And get along with your fellow man. My adult years became filled with a passion to teach and instruct children (including my own) on the benefits of being a good person and exercising kindness to others. I am a true testimony of what a child nurtured from love and humor, and comfort looks like. I quickly started working for myself to get out the message. Keeping in mind, my role as an author, but still a parent I found a way to entertain and teach the critical thinking ability of the target market age group 14-17-year-olds. Taking advantage of storytime at libraries and schools I would engage crowds of children through exciting storytelling and songs. Now I'm embarking on another part of my journey by launching my new book, "Story Time with Ms. Rhonda". I hope you continue to enjoy these wonderful stories that will warm your child's heart and keep them asking the important questions. Thank you for your support.