Living Deep Ecology

Living Deep Ecology

A Bioregional Journey

Bill Devall


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Living Deep Ecology: A Bioregional Journey is an exploration of our evolving relationship with a specific bioregion. It is set in Humboldt County in northwestern California, in the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion. By focusing on a specific bioregion and reflecting on anthropogenic changes in this bioregion over three decades, Bill Devall engages the reader in asking deeper questions about the meaning we find in Nature. He addresses questions such as how do we relate the facts and theories presented by science with our feelings, our intimacy, and our sense of Place as we dwell in a specific bioregion. This book engages the reader to consider our place in Nature. Devall approaches the bioregion not from the perspective of agencies and government, but from the perspective of the landscape itself.


Bill Devall:

Bill Devall was in the Department of Sociology, Humboldt State University from 1968-1995 and Professor Emeritus from 1995-2009.

Sing C. Chew is the founding editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Nature+Culture.