Dan Alexander Audio

Dan Alexander Audio

A Vintage Odyssey

Dan Alexander


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Dan Alexander Audio reveals the origins and history of vintage recording gear, told by the man who coined the term. It discusses the products of 22 manufacturers, illustrated with over 450 never-before-published photographs in full-color and reprints of original manufacturers’ sales brochures from the author’s collection.

This book features:

  • A list of over 7,500 pieces of vintage gear Dan Alexander sold from 1979 until 2000, including prices, serial numbers, and buyer
  • A complete list of microphone types distributed by Telefunken from 1928 until 1980, including technical information on mics by Neumann, Akg, Schoeps, Rft, and Geffel
  • A complete list of Trident A and B range console
  • 40 pages on Neve modules and consoles
  • Helios product information and photographs information sourced from Dick Swettenhams' personal sales binder.


Dan Alexander:

Dan Alexander has been involved in music throughout his adult life. Songwriter, guitar player, dealer in vintage recording equipment and musical instruments, studio owner, engineer and producer, he is the former chief janitor of three guitar stores and nine recording studios, and has been a member of eight bands. Dan is the proud father of two adult children. He lives in Los Angeles, California.